About Us

We Are Best At Home Services

JAGNAR SERVICES  provides a unique and revolutionary service in home maintenance offering a comprehensive preventive maintenance program to preserve and enhance the value, life, and beauty of your home,your small outlets,your nursing homes etc. JAGNAR SERVICES  was founded to meet the needs of today’s busy home owner and provide our customers with the precious gift of extra time. Extra time to spend on things more enjoyable and important to you.
Our goal is to provide you with comfort and peace of mind knowing that your home is being well cared for by professionals solely dedicated to home maintenance as a core competence. JAGNAR SERVICES  will take care of your home so you don’t have to… we’re sure you have better things to do.
Our success is being built on our team dedication to excellence in service and by developing trusted partnerships with our customers to maintain and preserve their homes/offices.
At JAGNAR, we constantly strive to earn your continued business with each and every service visit. Our goal is to provide you with extraordinary service while treating you and your home with the utmost respect and care.

Here are a few reasons why our customers are recommending JAGNAR SERVICES to their friends and relatives…

  • The dependable and trustworthy team.
  • One company takes care of all required home maintenance… it’s so simple.
  • I love the professionalism and expertise of the JAGNAR SERVICES employees.
  • Exceptional customer service…
  • My home is safer and healthier using JAGNAR SERVICES.
  • It’s nice to finally have a contractor working for my best interests.
  • It’s a simple solution to one of life’s problems.
  • The gifts of extra time and peace of mind are priceless.
  • For the savings delivered by preventive and proactive maintenance.
  • We truly believe that the team of JAGNAR really care about us and our home.
  • The JAGNAR plan lowers my cost of home ownership.
  • For the first time ever everything works as it should in my home.
  • I no longer have to pester my husband to keep up around the house JAGNAR has made for a happier home.
  • I am living abroad but my tenant donot face any service related problem
  • My parents are aged and living lonely since I am used to travel but JAGNAR takes care for all service needs